In and Out!

imageMy oh my! Talk about slow days!

We are very slow at posting.
So we are checking IN.

Juliet continues to go IN the hospital and OUT of the hospital. July was a major UTI and kidney infection treated IN Omaha.

Recently, we were able to battle another virus close to home at Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney. She was let OUT, within a week! Only to be rushed IN to the ED by mom and dad 30hrs laters! Bacteria infection. OUT a week later.

Summer has moved faster than we have wanted. We are clinging to each day, of warm bright sun. Hoping our emotions will settle and check back IN. Since February, our hearts and emotions have slowly began to check OUT. Due to overwhelming stays IN the PICU, repeated intubations, very critical and tramatic situations, hard talks, exhaustion, confusion, family seperated by distance, uplifting moments, closeness, hope, dashed hope, love given, Friends………IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT ….heart mind body soul.

IN our hearts we are weary. But we are living on lived OUT love! Juliet is still a “Jul” IN the rough.

P.S. Juliet got a new chair.image

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